I guarantee you or your child will learn to swim. *

Overcoming one’s fears, learning how to swim, being comfortable in deep water, or improving one’s strokes doesn’t have to be difficult, embarrassing, or take weeks out of your schedule.

Beginners, my one on one, private lessons will guide you (or your child) past the emotional hurdles; build new-found confidence; and, have you (or your child) swimming in four lessons or less – I guarantee it.*

For more experienced swimmers looking to improve their techniques or advance to the next level, you (or your child) will, perhaps for the first time, feel what it’s like to get a decent breath and glide rather than struggle through the water.

Hi, I’m John Tarney and I especially love helping beginners learn how to swim as well as working with others to improve their techniques or swim workouts. I consider it a privilege to see a student leave class with a skip in their step or a smile on their face; and, at the same time, know the quality of their life has improved.

Swim Lessons Made Easy

“I set out to find private adult swimming lessons in San Diego, somewhere with a teacher who specialized in people like me…. people who were convinced they would sink and drown if they got near a large body of water. And somehow I did: I found John, a swim coach, scuba diver, and retiree who lived nearby me, off the Sea World exit on the 5.

His promise was that he would teach me to swim in 4 lessons or my money back. Speaking of money, it wasn’t going to be cheap: for the 4 50-minute, one-on-one lessons, the cost was $400. And honestly, at this stage in my life, for me, that was more than worth it. When his pool opened up for the season, I was one of the first people he called and within one week, he taught me how to swim.

Guarantee or not, I showed up for my first lesson convinced that John was going to turn me away or give up on me. Instead, I left that first day realizing something incredible: drowning is hard to do. It was in that class that John made a joke he probably doesn’t even remember: he called me “The Unsinkable Bri.” And in that moment my life started to take a new direction. Everything just clicked.

By the end of my fourth lesson, I was jumping into the deep end, treading water, doing back floats and taking underwater selfies. All things that might sound like no big deal to most people, but were previously unfathomable before I met John. And while I’m nowhere near a strong swimmer yet, I am unsinkable and in turn, unafraid. I couldn’t convey how huge this is if I tried.

I’m signing up for group swimming lessons at SDSU in the fall, something that was not even remotely possible before I met John: I would have freaked out if I tried to learn with other people around or with a coach who didn’t know how to work through my fears.

So today, on this first day of the last month of summer, I’m finally confident enough to say to the public: I can swim!” Bri


“I am pleased with my kids improvement. I have been sending them for swimming lessons  with different instructors but did not see any improvement.  Both my kids have learned the breathing techniques, back float,  freestyle  and  how to stay stay afloat and tread water  in deep water.  They have made a lot of progress after  just 4 classes.  I have experienced many different swim instructors and classes and this one is by far the best!  I would totally recommend John to other parents.” Onne


Thanks for your patience and wonderful instruction.  I’m still amazed at your ability to teach numerous skills in only four days.  I’ve been around many instructors, across various fields, and few have the ability to articulate their point as clearly as you do.  Moreover, watching you demonstrate each skill was beneficial.  I’d recommend your course to anyone who is serious about learning how to swim.  You definitely peaked my interest in the water, and if I ever decide to take additional classes, you’re the only person I’ll visit for instruction. Thanks again and take care.” Chris


“John, we owe you so much – there is no price tag we can put on the confidence you have given our son. Before he came to you he was crippled with fear. I honestly did not believe it was possible for anyone to teach my son to swim in such a short amount of time. I was very skeptical. I was truly shocked and still am at what you were able to accomplish with our son in just 4 classes. He went from being afraid to enter the water to actually swimming a lap. He was even able to jump off the diving board. We thank you for everything you have done for him. Thank you for caring!” Kumud

I am a 46-year-old woman from NYC who never learned to swim, float on my back, or tread water. New to San Diego, I wanted to enjoy everything here – including the water. Online I found SwimLessonsMadeEasy. John seemed to understand the difficulty an adult non-swimmer faces, so I signed up for 4 classes with John. Let me tell you, the man is a miracle worker. I can’t believe it but for the first time in my life, being in a pool felt great; it was fun, relaxing and exciting. I now love the water! Take these classes with John. You will never regret it.” Annette



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You or your child will learn how to swim in shallow, warm water surrounded by a private, tropical garden; and, if like 99.9% of all my students, you or your child will be swimming by the end of the fourth class. I guarantee it.* Check out the F.A.Q. section to see what you or your child may expect to accomplish in just 4 classes.

Convenient Location

In the privacy of my heated, salt, super clean swimming pool and Jacuzzi, located just one minute from Highway 5 and the Sea World exit, I will teach you or your child the proper techniques that enable anyone to easily float, glide through the water, and feel comfortable in deep water.




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* Money Back Guarantee: If an adult or child is unable to swim after 4 classes, I will refund the full amount of my fee provided the student successfully demonstrates the ability to hold their breath underwater for 10 seconds in the 1st class and completes their four lessons.

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