About Me

Few instructors lay awake at night thinking of a new or innovative way to help a student who’s not getting it. I’m too passionate and determined to let even one student fail. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about and refining my teaching protocol. Your success means everything to me.

After years of having taught and talked with my swim students, I honestly believe there is no other swim instructor in San Diego doing what I do.  I’m able to iron out and correct stroke deficiencies for any swimmer in less than an hour; and, I’m able to get the most fearful adults over their initial fear of water,  propel themselves through the water, and float in deep water  by the end of their first class. Fearful children, who may have been traumatized by early, unsuccessful instruction, are generally floating with their heads under the water and demonstrating elementary strokes within their first four-25 minute classes.

Being a former Red Cross certified lifeguard, Water Safety Instructor, or retired San Diego City School’s teacher doesn’t necessarily guarantee anything. What does is my written guarantee, experience, and teaching ability – specifically suited to and tailored for the individual.

I first taught swimming as a 16 year-old at Camp Timberlane for Boys in Wisconsin. Later, as both an instructor and manager of a community pool, I helped countless individuals overcome their fears to become confident, accomplished swimmers. I’ve also worked with triathletes and swimmers from Master’s programs to improve their race times and techniques. I also happen to be an avid scuba diver and enjoy underwater photography.

Large swim schools are big business. They often hire instructors with just a few years experience and pay them a notch above minimum wage. The best instructor or face of the school isn’t the one teaching.  Other swim businesses, operating in multiple cities, are really referral services – matching an instructor they may have never met or barely know with you or your child. They’re run as a volume business for profit by someone who may never have even taught swimming.

Swim Lessons Made Easy is a local, independently operated, private one on one swim class. I am the only instructor; I have over 40 years of experience; and, I do not refer or match my students with other swim teachers.

A Simple Philosophy:

Contrary to popular belief, floating not swimming is what enables one to stay at the surface or survive deep water. Swimming is simply moving your float. The air in our lungs makes us buoyant and that enables us all to float. All of my students first learn to hold their breath underwater and float without the use of any floatation devices.

Overcoming their fears and embarrassment or getting cold, are the biggest problems beginning swimmers face. First, I promise that you or your child will never get cold; second, I help all of my students overcome and manage their fears in a relaxed, measured pace; and third, I teach the essential skills and correct techniques in a manner you or your child will easily learn and enjoy.

“I have to say, after completing his 4 class course I am absolutely amazed at what I was able to accomplish. I’ve overcome my fear of deep water, learned how to swim, and at the same time, feel more confident about myself. His training was phenomenal to say the least; he was very patient, knowledgeable, and accommodating to my specific needs. I highly recommend his services; you will be surprised after one session.” Jose

Private versus Semi-private lessons:

While I have successfully taught group lessons, I highly recommend private lessons. Whether you’re a child or an adult — fearful or confident beginner, intermediate or advanced swimmer – private lessons far, far exceed group lessons in their effectiveness, success, and use of time.

Building a big swim business with lots of instructors isn’t my goal. Instead, it’s seeing my students stand taller, exhibit more confidence, and leave class with a skip in their step or a smile on their face. Knowing the quality of their lives has improved is extremely gratifying.

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