I Guarantee You Will Learn How to Swim in Four Lessons or Less. *


I’ve helped hundreds of adults overcome their fears, learn how to swim, feel comfortable in deep water, or improve their strokes. Initially, some felt embarrassed, too old or too scared – others felt they would never be able to get over their fear of drowning.


“I recommend John to anyone who is afraid of drowning but really wants to learn how to swim and overcome his/her fears. Don’t be skeptical; if it worked for me, it will work for anyone. And it is an amazing feeling. Thank you John, you have changed my life and made me feel so proud of myself.”  Khadija, May 2010

I promise you, it’s going to be easy – really. We’re going to begin in a warm, shallow Jacuzzi in the privacy of my backyard; and, before you ever put your head underwater, you’ll learn the secret to keeping water from getting up your nose and develop the confidence to hold your breath underwater.

Before you ever attempt your first assisted front float, you’ll have observed and mastered the technique for how to find your footing and stand up from a front float. After learning the two simple keys to floating, you’ll move at a comfortable pace from an assisted front float to free floating in the Jacuzzi on your own. The whole time your floating, you’ll be completely relaxed and mesmerized by the iridescent pink, green, and purple colors you’ll see dancing underwater from my giant abalone shell.

By the time we transition into the shallow end of the pool, you’ll have learned how to move yourself across the Jacuzzi with an effective, relaxed front kick.

In four 50-minute lessons, most adult beginners accomplish:

A relaxed front and back float, front and back kick, basic front crawl, elementary backstroke, how to retrieve objects in chest deep water, jumps into deep water with the ability to either get to the side or swim back into the shallow end, some treading water skills, a deep-water front and back float, and how to manage their fear of deep water.

In four 50-minute classes,  continuing students learn:

Advanced freestyle technique with side breathing (rhythmic breathing); coordinated breast, elementary back, and back crawl strokes; flip turn; and advanced deep water skills.

News I’ve never before publicly shared:

I ask all of my students at the conclusion of their 4th class what they were most skeptical about before beginning their lessons. Almost all of my adult beginners made one of the following comments:

“I didn’t believe I could float”

“I never thought I’d become comfortable with my head underwater.”

“I had never had any success with other swim classes.”

“I didn’t think I’d get over my near-drowning experience as a child.”

“I didn’t believe I’d be able to get over my fear of deep water.”

“Believing I’d learn to swim in 4 lessons was hard to believe.”

They all remarked that reading other student’s testimonials gave them the courage to try. The truth is that 99.9 percent of all my adult beginners not only learned to swim, but everyone successfully floated in the deep end without a floatation device at the end of their first class! Hard to believe, right?

Believe me, you will learn to swim in 4 lessons or less – I guarantee it. *


Adult Private Classes: Ages 13 and older: One private class is $150. A package of four 50-minute classes is $500. Adult Semi-Private Classes: You and one other adult is $400 per student for four 50-minute classes.



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* Money Back Guarantee: If any adult is unable to swim after 4 classes, I will refund the full amount of my fee provided the student successfully demonstrates the ability to hold their breath underwater for 10 seconds in the 1st class and completes their four lessons.

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