Snorkeling Classes

“I quickly connected with John’s unique, well-designed teaching method. I now enjoy snorkeling in San Diego and am ready to explore the underwater world — especially in the Pacific Ocean with all the colorful fish and reefs.”   Jean

” I am looking forward to swimming with the sea lions and turtles…something I couldn’t even imagine doing last year. Thank you, John. Now, it’s only a question of practice….”   Marcia

Learning to snorkel or simply brushing up on your snorkeling skills, is often easier than learning how to swim. Snorkeling (primarily a front float) incorporates three pieces of equipment: a mask, snorkel, and set of fins.

Becoming comfortable wearing your mask and learning to: breathe through your snorkel, clear your snorkel, and effectively use your fins are all skills that most beginning swimmers can learn in just one or two lessons. You will learn how to:

  • Adjust, clear, and de-fog your mask.
  • Breathe through and clear your snorkel.
  • Use your fins
  • Surface dive and clear your snorkel upon returning to the surface.
  • Enter the water from the side rail of a boat; or, how to enter the ocean with fins on from the beach.
  • Extricate yourself from an ocean current; and, avoid damaging coral reefs or coming into contact with venomous sea animals.

Rate: Private snorkeling lessons are $150 per lesson for a 50-minute class. Semi-private snorkeling lessons (up to 3 people) are $100 per student.

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Note: Snorkeling equipment is provided for up to 3 students.

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