Frequently Asked Questions

“Coming to take your swim lessons, some of my concerns were how much someone who has never stepped into a pool would be able to get out of 4 lessons. You put me at ease and helped me overcome my fear of water. I think starting off in the Jacuzzi helped overcome the fear and quickly transition to the pool. I believe that a teacher like you who enjoys teaching imparts a lot more knowledge. Your humorous style, the tips, tricks, and your judgment on when to move me on to the next level was perfect. I always thought it was impossible to be able to learn to move and swim underwater in such a short period of time. What I achieved in those 4 sessions far exceeded my expectations and the goals I had for myself. ” –  Manoj

Q: I or my child haven’t had much success with other swimming classes, how will yours be any different or better?
A: Most swim instructors are fantastic swimmers, not necessarily great teachers. Most, if not all, lack my experience; and for many, it’s a summer job in between school or on the way to another career. Few instructors lay awake at night thinking of a new or innovative way to help a student who’s not getting it. I’m too passionate and determined to let even one student fail. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about and refining my teaching protocol. Your success means everything to me. In all the years I’ve been teaching, I’ve had maybe two or three students who weren’t willing to put their head underwater and therefore didn’t learn how to swim.  My student’s success rate is 99.9%. If by chance you or your child doesn’t learn to swim – you pay nothing – that’s my written guarantee.

If you or your child require a slower pace of instruction; more time to work on relaxing your float, perfecting your kick, improving your stroke; or, getting more comfortable in deep water — you consistently receive the time and personalized attention. All my lessons are adapted to fit a student’s learning style. The pace of the lesson matches your (or your child’s) needs and progresses in a manner designed to nurture, assuage fears, peak interest, build confidence, and assure proper swim techniques. Patience, encouragement, and having the one on one time needed to properly demonstrate and correct techniques are the key-marks of my teaching style.

Q: What can an adult beginner expect to accomplish in four 50-minute lessons?
A: An accomplished front and back float, front and back kick, elementary form of front crawl and breast-stroke, getting a breath on front crawl, elementary backstroke, retrieve objects in chest deep water, jumps into deep water, some skills in treading water, and overcoming a fear of deep water.

Adults who may naturally be somewhat uncoordinated – who may experience a beginner’s difficulty coordinating their arms with their kick or trying to incorporate a breath, may need two to four additional classes. Nevertheless, within their first 4 classes, these individuals will be able to successfully float on their front and back; propel themselves through the water; and jump into deep water, turn around, and safely get back to the side. The vast majority of these individuals are still able to overcome their fear of water within the first four classes.

Q: What can a fearful, beginner level child expect to accomplish in four 25-minute lessons?
A:  Provided your child can hold their breath underwater, you may expect him or her to learn: how to retrieve underwater objects, front float, assisted or unassisted back float, front kick, and some basic technique with their arms of either front crawl (freestyle) or breaststroke. If your child has yet to demonstrate the ability to hold their breath underwater (link), reasonable expectations include: the ability to hold their breath underwater, how to clear their nose of water, the retrieval of underwater objects, assisted or unassisted front float, assisted back float, and assisted or unassisted front kick.

Q: Can I begin with just one 25-minute or one 50-minute lesson?
A: Yes, one 25-minute, private lesson for a child is $75 and one 50-minute, private lesson for an adult is $150. You will be able to ascertain within that time if you want to continue; and,  I’m happy to apply the cost of this first lesson towards my package rates.

Q: Do you offer lessons year round?
A: No, I only offer lessons beginning in May and ending in September.

Q: Do you speak Spanish?
A: Yes, I speak enough Spanish to work with Spanish-speaking students.

Q: Do you have a private area in which I am able to change clothes?
A: Yes, there is a private area for changing.

Q: Is there an area for parents to sit?
A: Yes, there are two shaded areas with comfortable seating.

Q: Do I need any special equipment?
A: No, all you need to bring is a towel. I recommend swim goggles, but I have an assortment of new goggles for you or your children to use. I do recommend applying waterproof (not water-resistant) sunscreen 30 minutes before your or your child’s class.

Q: Do you take credit cards or personal checks?
A: No, I only accept cash and request payment prior to the lesson beginning – I usually have another student arriving at the end of your lesson.

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