Improve your Strokes and Workout

Simply and quickly improve your swimming skills.

“John was very patient and made the lessons enjoyable and fun. My freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke have improved tremendously, as well as my confidence in swimming. John uses creative techniques in his teachings that will stay with the student for a long time.”   ClaireMasters Swimmer.

I have worked with both triathletes and adults participating in Masters Swim programs. In addition, I have helped swimmers on swim teams and casual swimmers intent on taking their skills to the next level.  I’m able to quickly identify and point out stroke, kick, head position, and rotation deficiencies; but more importantly, demonstrate and impart correct techniques in a manner my students find easy to incorporate immediately.

Learning to swim proficiently, like most skills, requires proper instruction and practice. Most instructors tell you what to do. A great instructor gets in the pool and shows you what you are doing and then how to improve your skills.

Whether you want to improve your stroke, have more confidence in the water, become a stronger swimmer, learn new strokes; or, swim laps for exercise; I will be in the pool with you showing you exactly what you need to do to succeed.

For example, when it comes to improving your times or swimming laps for exercise, becoming the type of swimmer who effortlessly glides through the water is often a matter of simple, minor adjustments.

Some common difficulties you may expect to easily overcome are:

  • Labored breathing
  • Quickly tiring
  • Counter-productive kick
  • Ineffective strokes; and,
  • Neck or shoulder pain

An effective swim workout includes a variety of strokes. Your workout should include free-style with alternate side breathing, breaststroke, back crawl, and kicking without the use of a kick board.

If you want to improve your times, swim workout, or are an advanced beginner ready to take the next step, I will show you in a very short amount of time how you can improve your skills and become a more accomplished swimmer.

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