Bob, May 2014

I am a 52-year-old man and due to sore joints from jogging, I decided I wanted to switch my exercise routine to swimming.  I have been swimming for over 40 years and although I could make it across the pool and back, I would get very tired and labored with my strokes and breathing.  I went to John and explained I’d like to start swimming effectively as my primary exercise routine.  At my first lesson, John was able to evaluate me and show me where I was not effective with my kicking, strokes and breathing.  He taught me the correct way to kick and he improved my swim stroke.  He also was successful in teaching me rhythmic breathing. He also introduced me to the back crawl and breast stroke.  At the end of my 4 lessons, I can say I have improved 100% from when I first started. I would recommend John for swimmers of all levels; he definitely will get you swimming better.

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