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All of the testimonials which appear throughout this website were submitted by actual students of mine. Their stories are real and have not been embellished. I will, upon request, provide a contact number for any testimonial.

Maja, July

“Swimming is like flying- it’s an amazing feeling. I feel as light as a feather in water. I decided to try again to learn to swim and to overcome my fear of water. I never knew that it’s all about … Continue reading

Abraham, June

Hey John: Thank you so much for all your help. The whole experience was really fun and exciting. I had been afraid of the water basically my entire life.  I never thought I would be able to accomplish so much … Continue reading

Sunny, June

John: It was a pleasure working with you over these past couple of weeks.  It is amazing how much I learned in just 4 classes! I’ve done things that I never thought I would be able to do- especially jumping … Continue reading

Saurabh, May

John, It was a pleasure having you as my instructor. I learned a lot, was rightly challenged to try hard things from my perspective, and cherished the opportunity to learn.  For me, it was certainly time and money well spent! … Continue reading

Rob, April

I enrolled my son Brevin in swim lessons at 4 years old.  After 8 long weeks of loud and chaotic pool time he was no further along than when he started. Still not swimming on his own, he remained  afraid … Continue reading

Manas – September 2016

“Learning even beginner skills with John was like being coached by a top professional. We felt absolutely safe at all times and benefited from the judicious mix of fun and seriousness in the program. We will probably be back next … Continue reading

Gloria, August 2016

Now that I’m back from vacation, I can properly thank you for teaching me how to swim. You are an awesome instructor!! You helped me get over my fear of not being able to touch the bottom. I never thought … Continue reading

Jamie, August 2016

I had been looking for swimming lessons for my 4 year old grandson for awhile. I really wanted 1 on 1 since he does better that way. I found John while searching online. I was impressed within the first 15 … Continue reading

Megan, August 2016

I can not thank you enough for all of your help. It is amazing what a difference it can make doing something the correct way! My last couple of laps in the pool I felt very comfortable and was surprised … Continue reading

Hala, July 2016

The experience was phenomenal. It is truly unreal what changes we observed in her abilities in 4 lessons. Kenzie (4) also loved every second that she was in the pool learning and continues to love it now. Thank you!

Nicole, July 2016

“As I sat by the pool last night and watched my young son jump in the pool and swim across the pool with confidence, I thought of how thankful I am that I invested the time and money in John’s … Continue reading

Jessica, June 2016

John is a phenomenal swim instructor! He guarantees that novice swimmers will learn how to swim in 4 lessons, well guess what…I learned in 2 days!! To be honest I didn’t think that anyone can teach me the basic techniques … Continue reading

Malmoona, September 2015

I’m in my forties and I’ve been terrified of water above chest level pretty much all my life. I asked for John’s help because I wanted to get past the fear. He has a no-nonsense style that prevented me from … Continue reading

Sherry, July 2015

John, Thank you so much for everything you have done to help our daughter. The bond and trust you created with her was instrumental in the rapid progress she made.  She enjoyed the lessons and seeing her confidence soar has … Continue reading

Bahar, June 2015

I grew up in India, and like other kids, my parents enrolled me in some “famous” swimming lessons. Unfortunately, that instructor threw me into the pool. Apparently that method worked with other kids but, I was traumatized and developed a … Continue reading

Sinul, May 2015

Dear John, I enjoyed every moment of my time in the water. You are a fabulous trainer; especially considering my immense fear of the water. You instilled a lot of confidence in me the first day. You have quite the … Continue reading

Steve, September 2014

John, I had a lot of fun working with you and have been swimming 90 minutes a few times a week since. You brought my very poor front crawl technique into order and as I continue to work on it … Continue reading

Shahrzad, September 2014

My two young children were so fearful of the water that I had very little hope they would ever be able to put their heads under. They had a terrible and scary experience with a private instructor; and, the other … Continue reading

Trisha, August 2014

Dear John, I would like to thank you for all of your help this weekend with my son, Patrick (10 year old).  Saturday morning, I told him about the scheduled lesson and my heart just broke as his eyes filled … Continue reading

Ira, August 2014

Hello John, Thank you so much for everything! But, saying something as simple as that doesn’t really  begin to cut it.  You have given me such a gift.  Since our last lesson, one  week ago today, I have gone swimming … Continue reading

Bri, August 2014

I set out to find private adult swimming lessons in San Diego, somewhere with a teacher who specialized in people like me…. people who were convinced they would sink and drown if they got near a large body of water. … Continue reading

Merav, July 2014

“Our daughter always loved the water but was extremely hesitant when entering the pool. She would prefer to sit on the stairs rather than try to swim. We attempted group swim lessons several times, each time with tears and no … Continue reading

Peter, July 2014

“Thanks John – we got back from Kauai last weekend; Rory (7 year-old) seemed very comfortable in the pool while we were there and showed much improvement thanks to your efforts. He really enjoyed the swimming classes he took with … Continue reading

Divya, June 2014

“After a lot of failed attempts at learning how to swim, I came across John. John took the time to work with my fears and understand my needs. He did so in a gentle and safe way, and finally, got … Continue reading

Onne, June 2014

I am pleased with my kids improvement. I have been sending them for swimming lessons  with different instructors but did not see any improvement.  Both my kids have learned the breathing techniques, back float,  freestyle  and  how to stay stay … Continue reading