Gloria, August 2012

As a 62 year old woman who had great fear of the water when I first came to John Tarney I can’t say enough about John’s approach in teaching. He keeps it simple, has a wonderful sense of humor, and has a very keen sense of knowing where his students are in terms of emotions – he keeps you in the present and not projecting in the future further feeding your fears. In addition, he knows when to nudge you along without scaring you.

I could not believe it but, John had me swimming by the second day of his training!  In addition, by the third day I was jumping in about six feet of water rising to the top and swimming to the side of the pool. By the last day I was treading water in the 9 foot deep end of the pool.  It was amazing to me after all these years that I was actually swimming!!

Thank you John. I appreciate all your support in assisting me to finally learn to swim.

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