Rob, April

I enrolled my son Brevin in swim lessons at 4 years old.  After 8 long weeks of loud and chaotic pool time he was no further along than when he started. Still not swimming on his own, he remained  afraid to let go of the side of the pool or me.  He hated the lessons and we never went back.  At 6 years old he still wasn’t swimming; that is when I found John on the internet.  I enrolled my son in a package of 4 classes and by end of the first day Brevin was floating on his own.  John accomplished in one day what the typical swim lessons couldn’t accomplish in 8 long weeks.  After a week with John, Brevin had more confidence and was basically swimming on his own.

This summer has been so much more enjoyable for Brevin and I because he swimming on his own without fear.  He’s jumping into the pool and even jumping in the waves at the beach. He loves the water and I love the freedom of not having to hold on to him or watch him every moment he is in the water.  If your son or daughter is having trouble conquering their fear of swimming I highly recommend John.  His method works and you and your child can start truly enjoying your pool and beach time.


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