Thuy, September 2013

I’m an adult who had a fear of deep water, but also had a strong desire to learn how to swim and be comfortable in either a pool or the ocean. I had taken lessons with the local YMCA and the city’s summer classes for adults. I learned the basics, but those classes did not teach me to overcome my fears. When I took John’s classes, I was impressed with his teaching skills and techniques he has to help someone like me. I was skeptical that I would be able to  jump into the deep end and not panic by the end of the 4th class. Surprisingly,   John’s approach had me in the deep end at the end of the first class! By the 4th class, I jumped into the deep end, floated to the surface, and swam myself to the edge of the pool! It was a great personal accomplishment. I highly recommend signing up for classes with John. He has the patience and knowledge to help anyone overcome their fears of being in deep water.

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