Bahar, June 2015

I grew up in India, and like other kids, my parents enrolled me in some “famous” swimming lessons. Unfortunately, that instructor threw me into the pool. Apparently that method worked with other kids but, I was traumatized and developed a phobia for deep water. I enjoyed shallow water, but always had a fear of deep water.

After moving to San Diego, I checked into all water sports/activities and decided swimming would be a great cardio workout that’s easy on my joints, so I tried classes at SDSU’s pool to no avail. Then I found John- game changer! Day one – phobia gone. He proved his point; you can’t sink if you have air in your lungs. John has a unique teaching style whereby he proves his points before he asks you try them! I never thought I could swim on my back, but now I’m able to do that one lap and I’m going back to take swimming to the next level with John.

Tip: book in advance. His schedule is tight! Just follow his instructions, go with the flow, and you’ll be good to go. One more tip, stretch before class, I was too tight.

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