Sinul, May 2015

Dear John,

I enjoyed every moment of my time in the water. You are a fabulous trainer; especially considering my immense fear of the water. You instilled a lot of confidence in me the first day. You have quite the knack to analyze and put ideas across easily and lucidly. Also, you are quite witty and like to have fun during class, which I immensely enjoyed.

Yes, I will definitely recommend your unique, pragmatic methods of teaching. On my last and fourth class, I could do backstroke across the deep side of the pool. Prior to that, I jumped into the deep end and swam across to the other side.

I sincerely appreciate all that you did for me. You have amazing God given skills and talents, which you are using to help people. May God bestow upon you his choicest blessings and shower lots of happiness upon you and your family.

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