Ellen, August 2012

Like so many before me, I was a young child who had a traumatic event in a swimming pool and ended up as an adult fearful of the water. Over the years, I would periodically check around for places that offered beginner adult swim lessons but was never encouraged by what I heard and read. I wanted to learn in a calm environment that would allow me to focus on overcoming my fear. Most swim instruction is held in public pools and taught in group situations where there is little individual attention. A concern of mine was having to suffer through a chaotic and confusing swim class and not realize any progress. I recently came across the website www.sandiegoswimlessons.com (SwimLessonsMadeEasy). I read the testimonials and was impressed by the wide range of people John has worked with. The setting seemed ideal, the rates reasonable, and John’s years of experience helped put me at ease. But it was his guarantee that really resounded with me. Learn to swim in 4 lessons or less! I signed up ASAP. By the end of the first lesson I had developed a new relationship with the water. I was no longer terrified. Cautious yes, but not terrified. John is a phenomenal instructor. When you are in the water with John you are the priority. There’s no pressure to perform. I could take things at my own pace. It’s a wonderful thing to not only know how to be safe in the water but to also begin to have some fun too.¬†By the end of the fourth session I was completely at ease and could complete a basic front crawl into the deep end. The water became my friend.¬†Amazing! I could not be more pleased. Thank you John!

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