Michael, August 2012

I thank God that he led me to find you online, because where I’m at today compared to where I was the first day you saw me is truly night and day. You said everything was wrong with my technique, kick, stroke, everything. I came to you knowing nothing and yesterday swam out to the 100 yard marker and back at Glorietta Bay in Coronado as I prepare for the sprint triathlon next month.

Because of what you taught me in 4 lessons I am able to swim 75 yards in the pool without stopping nor feeling like I’m going to pass out like before after only 25 yards; and, I consistently do 50 yard sets for a total of about 550 yards or 50 minutes to an hour.

Because of what I learned from you and your honest encouragement, I am confident that I will complete the 500 meter open water swim. You said you’d get me ready, and you did.

You took someone who didn’t know how to swim to someone who is doing multiple laps in the pool and swimming in open water not to mention helping me get over my fear of deep water.

Thanks again John

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