Trisha, August 2014

Dear John,

I would like to thank you for all of your help this weekend with my son, Patrick (10 year old).  Saturday morning, I told him about the scheduled lesson and my heart just broke as his eyes filled with fear and tears.  I promised him that I had done my research and that I really thought you might finally be the one that could help him.  I asked him to please just be open to it.  He left our home so nervous, insecure, and already defeated.

When he returned just an hour and a half later, he was happy, excited, and proud.  He told me that he finally thinks he will be able to feel comfortable in the water and now believes he will be able to swim.  He told me he couldn’t wait to go to his lesson the following day.  I was amazed.

He completed his second 50 minute lesson with you this morning.  He told me he floated on his back unassisted, he swam the width of the pool, and he feels more confident putting his head and face under water.  John, this is huge.  This is a boy who would barely just sit on the steps in the shallow end of a pool all summer….a boy who cried at the mere mention of swimming or swimming lessons…a boy who would absolutely not put his face under water…a boy who was physically getting sick during every swimming lesson at a swim school last summer.

The gift you have given our family is priceless. Thank you so much. We hope to have Patrick continue lessons with you in the future.


Trisha (Patrick’s mom)

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