Shahrzad, September 2014

My two young children were so fearful of the water that I had very little hope they would ever be able to put their heads under. They had a terrible and scary experience with a private instructor; and, the other long term swim classes were wasting our time and money. When John was recommended to me by a friend, we decided to enroll.

In just the first lesson I could not believe the progress my children made; in only 20 minutes they were actually going under and getting their hair wet! These were children who were very stubborn and  extremely hesitant by a pool. After the first lesson, my children were asking when they would be able to see John again and go under water (to this day they are still asking me this!) I was truly shocked & impressed at how he had changed their perspectives in such a short period of time. I am so grateful to John for having such an impact on my kids. They were able to float by the third class and my son actually did a little swimming across the pool. By the final, 4th lesson, my children, along with myself were sad to say goodbye. Having been inspired, my son and daughter are now eager to go into the water to practice the skills John taught them. I cannot express enough how great these lessons and our experience was overall with him. John is gentle yet stern and respects the children he works with. He is naturally great at working with kids. In return, my 4 and 5 year old responded very well and really liked learning to swim with him. We hope to continue next year when the summer season begins.

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